Baker Mobile MVP Toolkit


Baker includes test setups for the following

  • React Native application
  • Application server
  • CI tests for both RN app and app server
  • Baker

Testing your React Native application

RN tests use Jest with snapshot testing support. To learn more about snapshots, refer to this tutorial

Baker will test anything within app/src directory (and its subdirectories) that looks like *.test.js. Generally speaking, you will not need to create any test suites manually since scaffolding feature takes care of creating tests for your components, actions and reducers.

To test your RN application, use the following command

npm run test:app

Testing server code

To run tests against your application server code, use the following command

npm run test:server

Server tests reside in server/tests directory

Testing Baker

To run tests against Baker’s internals (generators mostly)

npm run test:baker

Baker CI tests

There are a few useful scripts that get run by Travis grouped under ci command in package.json. These include:

  • test Baker
  • test RN app
  • test application server
  • try starting an app server to confirm that it works
  • try building RN app for both iOS and Android to confirm it builds correctly
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