Baker Mobile MVP Toolkit

Meet the Baker

Baker is an opinionated MVP toolkit that helps you build mobile apps crazy fast. It is based on React Native and Parse Server and bundles a whole lot of goodies inside a delicious package that will help you type less and do more.

Baker is open source and is available on Github.

Key Features

  • Type less do more
  • All tools come pre-configured
  • 100% hackability - update Baker to suit your needs
  • Solid foundation in case your MVP turns into P (product)
  • No mumbo-jumbo

What is included

  • Fully bootstrapped React Native application featuring
    • Redux
    • Component tests using Jest snapshots
    • Redux Sagas for data fetching and various async tasks
    • Parse SDK + GraphQL client for Parse Server
  • Application server with
    • Parse Server and Dashboard
    • GraphQL for Parse
    • Tests using Jest
  • Code generators for
    • Components and Containers
    • Sagas
    • Data models
  • Easy deployments with
    • Fastlane for your mobile app
    • Heroku for the application server
    • Pretty awesome CI for iOS on Bitrise
  • Fully hackable internals with Yeoman based generators
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