Baker Mobile MVP Toolkit

Scaffolding models

Models are server side components based on Parse.Object exposing GraphQL schema.

Running model generator

npm run generate
? Choose the generator to use (Use arrow keys)
❯ Model

Baker will ask you to provide a name for the new model

? What should your model be called?

Models directory overview

Models are added to server/src/models directory:

├── models
    ├── Example.js
    └── Todo.js

GraphQL schema

Newly created schemas are also registered in server/src/graphql/schema.js. You can try quering newly created model using Graphiql interface:

npm run server

Head to http://localhost:8000/graphql and try runnign the following query (assuming your model is called Todo):

  todo { 
    id, text 

Generator also adds 2 sample mutations that you can try out as well

mutation { 
  addTodo(text: "Another todo") { 
    id, text 

And you can get rid of a newly created item

mutation { 
  deleteTodo(id: "id-of-your-item") { 
    id, text 
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