Baker Mobile MVP Toolkit


You must have your system ready for React Native. This generally means going through Getting started section section of RN’s website.

Creating your project using Baker

We strongly recommend you use 🐈 Yarn to install and manage dependencies. Baker with Yarn is blazing fast:

git clone MyApp
cd MyApp && yarn install && yarn run setup  

You can still do it the good old way using npm:

git clone MyApp
cd MyApp && npm install && npm run setup  

This will install required dependencies and launch app generator that will scaffold the whole application.

Please note: It might take a bit of time to install all the dependencies and get your project ready. To make the process less tedious we suggest a cup of tea/coffee accompanied by a fresh croissant.

Once the set up is complete, you can jump to the next section to learn about running your brand new app. For more information regarding directory structure, please refer to Project Structure section.

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